Protecting Your Cotton Candy Machine With Bubble Shield

The cotton candy machine bubble shield is just the thing you need for the candy machine. It is always a problem cooking with insects, light particles or dust getting into the machine as this can undermine the product. The bubble shield thus prevents these invading foreign particles. Another advantage is that it prevents sugar crystals from flying out of the machine if someone puts too much of it in the spinner head.This clear shield is made with quality polyester to ensure durability and it has a diameter of 20.5 inches which is the standard size for most machines. The bubble shield is further merited as it permits the use of a single hand. It will also require no complicated formula when fixing it into the machine.

It is always important to ensure that the machine is protected and also improve its stylish by having a bubble shield. This will not only increase its efficiency but it will also increase sales.



The first step is moistening the cotton candy machine’s floss pan with a clean wet cloth.

The only recommended ingredients are: sugar, coloring and floss. Add sugar on the floss pan 90% full.

Plug in the machine and turn on.

Heat the sugar to warm and regulate the heat to optimum temperature, adjust the temperature if smoke appears.

To increase or reduce the lift of the floss adjust cotton candy machine’s floater.

Hold the cotton on the pointed end and break into the web

Gather a large web on the cone by turning the cone in a figure 8 pattern.

After finishing with the cotton candy making machine, clean it well. Turn on the heater to ensure that no sugar is remaining. Unplug and wipe the floss pan, bowl and bubble with a dry clean cloth for use next time.

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